Churchill HPA

For your finest hour!

Churchill Honorary Pale Ale is brewed to give a citrus-fruit malt, spicy hops and a moreish thirst-quenching edge. Brewed in association with Churchill Heritage the ale is a tribute to one of the World’s greatest statesmen, political thinkers and orators.

Our inspiration in making this ale is natural mineral water from Blenheim Palace, Sir Winston’s birthplace and East Kent Goldings hops, as were traditionally grown on the Weald of Kent, overlooked from Chartwell, Sir Winston’s family home.

We wanted Churchill HPA to be a fine balance of the hops and malt and so be suited to a variety of popular modern fully-flavoured foods. We have brewed it to be fabulous with grilled and roasted meats, fried or smoked seafood, the spicy dishes of Asia, India and South America, cheeses and rich fruit cakes.