Pub trade

Our award-winning brands Pride of Oxford golden ale, Marshmellow real ale and Triple ‘B’ extra-ordinary bitter and our new Honorary Pale Ale, Churchill HPA create interest and customer loyalty at the bar.

For our permanent taps, we offer a package of Oxfordshire Ales point of sale materials – branded glassware, bar towels, beer mats, a super-premium pump clip, an outdoor wall plaque and free casks at sales milestones.

To continually raise and maintain awareness of Oxfordshire Ales amongst your drinkers, we run an extensive programme of regional media support for our brands, and can work with landlords to promote their pub as part of that.

Each month we offer a series of seasonal brews.

Call John Lovett on 01869 278 765, mobile 07971 856608 or email john (at) if you would like our fabulous brands on your bar.

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